What’s your vital statistics? How light is your skin? How high is your nose? Do you have big eyes? Are your lips pouty? Are you the society’s definition of beauty?

   It is undeniable that we humans, always look for the aesthetic appearance of a person. Deny it or not, we admire a person that looks beautiful or handsome for us. Obviously, they are the ones with the most privilege among others.

   Blind people are admirable because they fall in love with a person even without seeing them. It’s quiet amusing that they can truly feel the emotions and see right through a person even they can’t literally see. Just imagine every people in the world, doing the same thing without going blind.

   Society made their own definition of beauty. The socially acceptable appearance that will surely catch everyone’s attention. That’s how judgement work for us. Judging the one’s we don’t like, judging the one’s we like, we’re all judgementals. Accept it or not, that is the ugly truth.

  It’s true that beauty does not define you as a person. But it is also true that a person is defining you by the rate of your beauty.

   Being the society’s unacceptable human being, this surely targeted your self steem. Wondering why you have to be the least favorite person in the class? Or why did your crush never noticed you? It’s because there’s someone better looking than you.

  There’s a cliché phrase to cheer up society’s unacceptable human beings. “Beauty fades and eventually goes old but the person inside stays forever.” Cliché but it’s true. People can be beautiful all they want. Nowadays, beauty can fix by means of anything. But the person inside can never be fixed if it’s torn by pride.

  You can define your own beauty. Who cares about the socially acceptable appearances they have? They also have flaws. Remember, no one can have everything in this life time. Beauty was just a bonus feature. Don’t let a bonus feature define the whole package.


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