The Sunflower Among the Roses


   She has the modern and native beauty of a Filipina. She wasn’t prim and proper but she is elegant. She is passionate. She is talented. She is the girl every guy’s been looking for. A trophy to be won. A prize to catch. But never been found a match.

  For a girl to be loved by everyone, it must be a blessing. Having favors. A different treatment. Name it, she’s got it all. Many have been jealous. But some still talk behind her back and call her names. She has endured everything and still flash a smile. With the attention she is getting, she didn’t care. With all the suitors who tried to woo her, she didn’t bend. Many have thought, she is heartless. Some are saying she can’t feel. She is a human so she can feel every word that’s been pointing against her. She didn’t mean to be cold. She didn’t mean to be mean. She can’t trust anybody. For her trust was broken a long time ago.

   For a girl like her, beauty is a curse. From her childhood memoirs. Men broke her trust. It started from her father. Breaking her mother’s heart. Looking for another woman. When she was five, a man whom they trusted took her innocence. Gave her a taste of lust. She asked for justice, but no one believed her. And incidents like that continued as she grew up. She can’t fight it. She can’t escape. They say, how come she didn’t she ask for help? She did. And now she’s afraid to do so. Can you still blame her for being cold?

  It is so easy for people to judge what they see. But it’s too hard for them to understand what is going on beyond. She built a wall to protect herself. She’s not like any other girls. She’s different. A bunch of guys saw that. Trying to win her heart like a trophy. Trying to win her for them to get a high dose of ego.

  She is not a rose. She didn’t want to be picked. She never wanted hands touching her. She didn’t like being fancy. All she wanted is to stand alone shining bright on her own. She wanted to stay still and be safe from being picked down her roots. She wanted to bow down when the sun was not up and eventually rise again. She wasn’t the rose that people wanted her to be. She is a sunflower, standing tall and shining bright to all.


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