He played a game called love
Had in pleasure when he’s above
Shattered hearts after he smiled
Irresistible if he goes wild

All kinds of pain he knew
Having the emotions he threw
To cry for him won’t do nothing
It might leave him laughing

A heart of stone they say
Feelings that won’t get in the way
He finds your suffering funny
In your misery he will be happy.

The pleasure of one’s suffering

    There was a guy who never knew love. He didn’t have any traumatic experiences about it. Instead, he grew up having lots of it. He grew up having anything he wants. He grew up watching people bowing down to him. He grew up making people suffer for him.

   Love for him was never a big deal. He never treated love seriously. Instead, he wanted someone to be broken out of love because of him. It is actually true that there are people like him. Enjoying the sight of other’s suffering. Pleasuring themselves out of someone’s pain. This is not new. Most of the people experienced an encounter to people like this one, once in their lives. People who actually got cheated on. People who were victims of abusive acts. Even in simple things, people can get the feeling of it. Even if you didn’t mean to feel it. People who do it out of nothing, are they happy? The question still lingers. What exactly do they have in mind to enjoy seeing someone in pain?

   The feeling of getting even. The feeling of having a revenge. The feeling of karma. Sometimes, you question people who wholeheartedly hurt you but, do you actually know that you feel the same way?Hurting them as much as they did to you makes you feel even. The feeling of contentment was there, right? Is this feeling bad? Is this good? Well, neither. It always depends on the situation you’re into. But if the situation is the same with this guy? Nah uh! You have some issues.


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