The Girl I was with You

‘I never knew love when I met you.’

Just how cliché that phrase could be? How about,

‘I don’t know love without you.’

  I don’t know why I’m writing this but maybe this is the only way to let go. Because each and every day that I’m not with you, I’m missing that girl even more. That girl who can laugh at the simple things you do, that girl who never cared about the judgments, that girl who wanted to live her life to the fullest.

  I was at my best when I’m with you. You taught me how to love and to value myself. You were there when no one else is around. You taught me not to be a second rate version of myself. I know you all knew these things, and I just want you to know that I’m truly greatful.

  When I lost you in my life, I lost mine too. Everything went black. I can’t feel anymore. I didn’t know where my feelings have gone. Maybe you took them with you? This may sound impossible, but it’s true.

  I was wondering, can I still be the girl that I was with you? The answer is no. I can never be that girl again because I wanted to surpass what she had when she’s with you. I want myself to be happier even without you. I’ve let so many bad happenings in my life trigger the worst out of me.

  Maybe I was happy when I was that girl. Maybe I was loved when I was her. But today, as a woman, loving the new version of me is the greatest gift I can give to that girl. Loving without condition. Learning to be happy even when I’m alone.


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