Souhait (To the guy I will love)

I’ve never wished for a perfect person to be with. As humans, we have infinite flaws. I just wanted a guy who would accept me even though I have flaws. A guy that would accept the wrong decisions I made in the past and will decide to do the right ones with me in the future.

I am not needy. All I wanted is just a little bit of affection and attention. I can be jealous at times but I know when is the right time to be. I was single for a very long time so that means I am back to square one. Talking to me can be boring because flirting was long gone in my system. I can go out on a date with myself so asking me out can be a new thing. I enjoyed my time being alone but not lonely. Simple things makes me happy. I am not fond of fancy date night and fine dining stuff.

I would like a guy who can easily join the zigzag journey of my life. I am not demanding, I’m just stating a fact about me. Being single for a long time made me rely on myself and be happy about it. It made me independent about being in a relationship. I’m not surreptitiously hoping for a relationship right away. I can always have nights of 11:11, chicken wish bone and dandelion flowers to blow and ask for the right guy at the right moment.

The feeling of being in love has gone missing in my heart. So, to the guy that I’ll love in the future, please handle it with care. My heart was fragile and has endured so much. Loving for me can be a new thing. And I wish to have it again.


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