You had a wall around your heart

Never trusted a guy to break it

For they all think you’re just a trophy

To boost their ego and to flaunt it


One day, this guy came to be different

He treated you right without a doubt

His love was the purest thing

You fell, for him


He was more than just a lover boy

He became your best friend

You shared secrets

And shared the same scars


Your heart was aching

For this love was not perfect

He maybe the perfect guy to be with

But never once had the courage to prove it


Being in love, you drowned yourself

With the idea of him

When you decided to stop everything

He didn’t just broke the wall but, even the heart it’s guarding


Someday, someone will

A guy who’d be proud to fight for you

He won’t be the perfect one, but will definitely be the right one

He’ll never try to break you


Don’t long for him again

You deserve a better story

End this chapter

And see what comes after


For the mean time, rest your heart

Find the bright side of love you lost

Give it to yourself and wear it at all cost

The yellow lining is waiting for you.


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