The cold wind is blowing

I froze in the middle of nowhere

with you standing in front of me

the happier I’ll be


We reached for each other’s hand

but the distance was too far

We tried to narrow it

but it does not change anything


I saw a sad smile on your lips

a tear fell from my eyes

I knew it wasn’t for real

but this would help me heal


It’s already nine years

since you left me without a trace

I can’t even remember your face

but thank you for giving me a glimpse


It happened so fast

The love we had was the first

It wasn’t going to be my last

but I knew it wasn’t the worst


For the longest time, I heard your voice again

You said something to cause me to bend

“My love, this will be my last. Goodbye.”

I opened my eyes, that’s when I started to cry.



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