So, it was just last year when I got both my 1st and 2nd tattoo. I was 20 years old and it was just 5 months ago when I graduated from college at that time. I was just starting with my life, I’m not even a regular employee on my job yet. Basically, I didn’t even accomplished anything.

But I believe, getting a tattoo does not depend on that. It’s just other people’s false claim that you should get a tattoo when you already accomplished something so that you can brag it with your ink. It’s a total BS.

And of course, living in a society where they value religious’ opinion on everything, it is inevitable to be judged and criticized for having a tattoo. Especially, if you’re a female. I should know, I’ve been hearing comments since I had mine. And I could only hear a few good ones.

I never intended to look cool or to brag about anything. Tattoos have deeper meaning, at least for some people who dug deep into their art.

And I was one of them.

The one on my right wrist is a pair of quotation marks. It has a lot of meaning but I chose it’s meaning as a writer. Because I know that I’ll be a writer until the end, I want it to be imprinted on me forever. So that, I’ll never forget who I am.

And on my left wrist is a group of birds dispersing from a semicolon. It’s not unique but I do have my own meaning for it.

We all know what semicolon represents. It is the point of stopping but you chose to continue. And that’s what exactly happened to me. I was on the verge of quitting life. But I chose to continue. Not an instant realization, though. But through numerous of times of thinking about it, I helped myself up.

The birds represents freedom. For freeing myself from the thoughts of doing it again.

Though sometimes, I do feel that I’m not totally healed yet. I’d still find myself crying in the middle of the night for no reason at all. There are times when I’m still triggered to harm myself. I know I already chose to stop but it’s not easy to let go of it. Especially when it already became a part of you.

I got this tattoo as a reminder as well. That everytime I think of doing it again, this’ll stop me co’z I wouldn’t want to ruin a very nice art with another scar.

It’s just so annoying to hear and see people shaming others for having inks when they don’t know what’s the story behind.

Don’t be so quick to judge people. It is not expressing an opinion to tell everybody that people with tats are ex-convicts or drug addicts. It is a false claim. Learn the difference between the two.

The pain of having it is as deep as their meanings. So please, stop shaming.


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