This Is Why You’re Hurting

You’re an idiot.

It was supposed to be ‘just flirting’. But you let yourself develop your feelings for him. You fell too deep and now you’re assuming things that hurt you.

You know you can’t demand things from him. You’re not his girl. He may call you some cutesy things like babe, hun, baby, darling, but those doesn’t give you the credit to be his so-called girlfriend. He can say he loves you and not bother to call you at all. It’s because, there’s no label. You’re not official.

You should start working on how to let things be. Don’t assume or overthink about things that are out of your hand. You can go on with your life with or without him. If ever he decided to finally put the label on, then it’s a good thing. But don’t make yourself too available for him. Don’t deprive yourself from other opportunities outside his circle. If he can’t define the relationship, then you’re open to entertain others.

Yes, you love him. You love him so much. But love yourself too. You’re hurting because you’re loving him too much. Don’t do this to yourself again. You’ve been there. You should at least know how to control your feelings.

There’s nothing wrong on asking him about it. Maybe once. But be ready for his answer. You should ready yourself to not to become too emotional.


You took the risk of falling in love. But don’t risk your heart for something that’s not really serious to catch you. If he’s really into you and if he really wanted you to be a part of his world, he’d do something about it.

Stop hurting yourself again. Continue to love but know your worth. You know what you deserve.


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