Someone Who Will Listen

It’s such a wonderful feeling when you get to touch other people’s lives even though you just sat there beside them and listen to everything they wanted to say. Especially when you didn’t have to give them advice because they all wanted from you is your attention to listen to them.

But sometimes, you’ll also wonder, how does it feel to have someone who will listen?

There are different kinds of people that will listen to you at some point.

There will be this person that will listen to you at first. This person will attentively listen and then when he/she finds the opportunity, they will enter themselves on your spotlight. Making the topic all about them again and forgetting that it was you who needed some time to share.

And then there’s this person who will initiate that you share your thoughts or problems with them but not to listen, basically this person will only gather information to have something to gossip about.

Lastly, a person who will listen because they wanted to. Because they know that you needed someone who will listen to you. That someone that doesn’t need to give you time to try to open up because they are always ready to listen.

That someone who will ask if you’re okay.

That someone who will never make you feel like a burden or a load of crap for sharing too much of drama.

Even the person who always lends their ear to listen needed someone to listen to them too. May it be a family member, a friend or someone you love, if you feel that they need someone to pour their hearts on, be that someone for them. You have no idea how much would it make them happy.

Look around you. Feel other people’s need to be heard. The world does not revolve around you. There are others too.

Please be that someone.


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