Why Love is Difficult

Life is so easy when you have nothing to worry about. When you can just wake up thinking how to get your day productive. When you don’t get enough sleep watching series or reading novels. When you don’t have someone to think about everyday. When you don’t have to wait for them to call you or even bother getting a reply.

But in just a snap, everything will change. When your world suddenly became that person, life will never be easy. Because all of a sudden, you made your life depending on them.

Love is very beautiful, powerful and dangerous. It is amazing how can it change a person’s perspective in life. It is amazing how it can affect the whole system of a human being.

But there are times when love gets really inside a person’s head. It’s not healthy. It’s depressing. When a person in love overthinks, everything will slowly shatter. And the other person may not understand this.

You see, when you fall in love for a person and eventually be in a relationship with them, you can’t stop your mind to think about him/her everyday, every hour, every minute. That’s simply because you care too much for them and you want them to be happy.

It’s never wrong to think for your lover’s happiness and to show so much care for them. But think of yourself too. Don’t drown yourself with the thoughts that can only give you pain. Because if you continue to do that, it will consume you. One day you won’t even notice that your person hasn’t done anything wrong but in your mind, he/she already did the worst thing you can think of.

You’re in a relationship. It’s supposed to be a collaboration of two people in love. It takes two to make this thing works. If you think that you’re the only one making things work, talk to your person. Ask the questions that’s been bugging you and causing you to over think. But please, ask yourself first, are you doing what you have to do to make your relationship work?


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