Chocolates and Papers


Beautiful, sexy, fair and smooth skin

Ooooops! I’m not describing myself. I described the female character on my new story. New story that I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish. I’m getting used to starting a new story and yet I won’t finish it on time.

My readers are getting mad at me!

How could I finish my story? I have a writer’s block. I need inspiration.

Hmm … Right! The telescope!

So, my telescope is placed here at my balcony, facing the other building of condominium. I wonder what kind of inspiration will I get today?

I look forward to seeing anything good while I look around. There is an old man sitting by the balcony, a woman sprinkling water on a sunflower, a man looking for a signal, a boy playing with his toy plane while running inside the house.

What inspiration do I get from them?

I looked again. And then I saw something on the left side of the unit in front of me. A man wearing an apron biting on a chocolate bar. He has a very fair skin and his eyes are almost a perfect shape of an almond. The built of his body was also beautiful. Even on a dirty apron he  looks as though he was very clean.

He’s handsome!

I enjoy watching him while he’s eating the chocolate bar he’s holding. He’s just looking away and smiling. His deep dimples are noticeable. Oh my! Jackpot! I’ll have a very good update on my story now!

Oh wait! Oh no!

“Heeeyy! Just a moment! Come back! Please! Please!” I shouted while still looking at my telescope. Suddenly he got into his unit. Waaah! I have not seen enough of the sight yet!

I aggressively bumped the telescope. It’s really hard when you’re a writer with a chaotic brain. The difficulty to squeeze the brain to get the correct words on what to write! And now! I was over my brain because of that man!

It’s not that I am crushing on him. That’s just because I was slowly developing the right words in my brain as soon as he left! Unpleasant!

I took my telescope again and I unconsciously looked through it. And it is quite right to fit the unit opposite to mine. It’s been a long time since someone occupied that place, sometimes I was afraid to look at it.

I was about to close my telescope but the balcony door suddenly opened at my opposite unit. I was shocked when I saw someone came out!

A man with a very masculine body came out from there. He was half naked and he just had a towel on the lower part of his body. Six pack abs! Oh my!

He yanked and raised his two hands. He even said good morning world!

He can be an inspiration. My thoughts are starting to form.

But wtf? My face is so hot! Shit, why? Am I seduced by his machete body?

It should’ve been my last sight of him but a sudden drop of his the towel opened a whole new world! Waaaaaaah! My eyes!

“Waaaaaah! Cover it! Waaaah!” I cry but I can not clear my eyes from my telescope. Why am I still looking?

And as if he heard me crying. He suddenly caught sight of me and his eyes widened! He immediately picked up his towel and covered his..uhmm yeah. He looked back and shouted, “HEY YOU! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?”

Their building was not far from our building so I heard what he shouted.

I suddenly fell and knelt down. I feel like I wanted to be buried six feet down! Shame! He caught me! He saw me seeing his…! Waaaaaah!

I only wanted an inspiration but why did this happen to me? Why me?

to be continued…


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