Three Words Eight Letters

Being single for a very long time makes you wonder, how does these words feel again? How magical it is to hear from someone very dear to you? What will it do to your heart?

Through the years, I’ve heard people say it to me. Family, friends, and exes. I know it genuinely came from people who loves me unconditionally. And I also know that it came from people who’s pretending to love me. That’s why these words are so precious to me. I would never say it to someone I don’t really love. Because I know what it feels to be fooled by these sweet yet hurtful words.

Years went by, and finally, someone said it to me. I wasn’t sure of his intentions back then but I honestly felt the same way. Truly, madly and deeply in love.

Three simple words that took loads of feelings and courage to say. It was a heavenly feeling to hear it from someone and trusting that it came genuinely from his heart.

I could never see his heart. I could never know how he really feels. But I’m putting so much faith and trust on what he is saying because it is what I feel inside. I choose to believe again even though I’ve been played by these words before. I risked my heart again to trust.

This is why I will and still continue to say these words. Even if I don’t get an answer back. Even if I say it first. Even if I feel that it does not do the same magical thing anymore. As long as I can still feel it in my heart. As long as I can still fight for what I feel. I would keep this trust and love alive .


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