Is it possible for something that hasn’t started yet to be over?

The feel of his touch. The feel of his breath under your skin. The feel of his presence beside you. His kiss. His hug. His voice. His smile. Him.

All of these, didn’t even happened or experienced yet. All of these was supposed to be something you’re going to look forward to. Something you both should’ve planned. Something you should’ve talked about.

Everything went on so fast. Everything felt so real. It was too good to be true. Until you make a reality check. This is the reality. Fighting for something that’s unsure. Fighting a fight that you thought you’re doing together. Fighting for the love you thought that’s still there.

This haven’t even started yet. But why do you feel that it is soon coming to an end? If this is goodbye, this is the worst one. It’s the one that your ears haven’t heard yet but the one that your heart already knows.

You hope you’re wrong. That though everything you thought that’s gonna last is fading, you still hope for it to stay. For it not to be over.


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