Fix yourself first.

I used to think that I can love someone while I’m still broken and healing. I used to believe that I can love someone without loving myself first. I used to believe that.

But loving someone doesn’t work that way. If you’re still broken and shattered, fix yourself. You can never rely on someone to fix you. You’ll only break more. On the process of trying to make them fix you, you’ll ruin them. And it’s the same if you try to fix someone who’s still broken. You’ll ruin yourself.

We were so blinded by the thought of being fixed by someone and with that someone being our ‘the one’. You have to do it yourself. Don’t depend your happiness on someone because you can never be sure if they will be there with you temporarily or permanently. You should be responsible for your own happiness.

Learn what you need. What you deserve. Know your worth. That way, you won’t have to chase and beg people to stay in your life. Being with someone doesn’t mean that the person will fill the emptiness in you, you should be complete when you find that someone. Completely aware of what you want. Completely sane to all the roller coaster ride of emotions you’re about to face. You should be complete to love that person wholeheartedly and passionately.

Fix yourself. Love yourself, so you’ll be able to love right.



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